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Our Story

The Sun Gun Tanning was founded by Teasha Buxton in 2018

Here’s how it all began:

Growing up it was extremely hard for me to gain weight. Everyone called me “little”, or “tiny”, or “small” and while some people might like that… I absolutely hated it! I wanted to be like everyone else, and just have a little bit more of a presence.

I was so small, doctors would always question me about eating disorders and it just made me feel really uncomfortable.

To top that off, I was also really pale! So, I kinda just felt invisible. But one thing that always made me feel better was to have a little bit of color.

My mom had a tanning bed in the closet, so I was always into tanning because I felt like it didn’t make me feel as “little” if that’s even a thing 😆!

When I was first introduced to spray-tanning I absolutely fell in love with the science behind it because I was never a fan of the damage that could come from a tanning bed but silly, young Teasha thought…

"I’m going to die anyway, might as well die tan!” 🤨 so when I found this healthy alternative I just fell completely in love with it.

I initially started off just creating this for myself as a need. I knew I was going to like it. I didn’t know I was going to LOVE it, and love the people, and the whole beauty industry.

That’s really when The Sun Gun was born! What I initially created for myself, I started sharing with the people I loved and it continued to grow. Spray tanning took off and then we introduced the best self-tanning products in 2020!

We offer the best-personalized spray tan in the Idaho Falls area. We specialize in the best UV-free body spray tan. With our tanning packages, you will be sure to find the best one to fit your needs

Not in Idaho? No problem! We introduced our line of self-tanning products in 2020 so you can always have a tan on! It’s super simple to use and there’s no yucky ingredients at all!