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6 Pack - Wholesale Face Tanning Drops

The Best Self-Tanning Serum For Your Face! 

The colorless formula is lightweight and refreshing for an instant burst of hydration = glow up!


Delonized water, Eco Cert DHA, dipropylene Glycol, PropylenE Glycol, aloe, polysorbate 20,vitamin e, avocado, coconut, xantham gum.

Application Steps

2 little drops is all you need mixed into a face moisturizer and can be applied at night or under your makeup.

These are a luxury face tanning serum! With the cleanest ingredients and no added scent. All you need is 2-3 drops of this magic serum to your favorite moisturizer at night! In the morning, your skin will have a perfect hint of a glow!

Quantity: 6

Suggested Retail Price: $38